10 Powerful Hot Tub Benefits You Can Enjoy From Your Spa

10 Powerful Hot Tub Benefits You Can Enjoy From Your Spa

If you’ve ever been in a hot tub, you can probably recall how soothing and relaxing it was.

Did you know that hot tub benefits go far beyond relaxation?

Hot tubs have created a way for the general public to easily include hydrotherapy in everyday life and reap its major benefits.

They have created the ideal environment for treating and managing your pain, supporting your body's internal system, and even providing emotional and mental health support, all from your backyard.

Why drive across town for a massage you booked two weeks ago when you could simply walk into your backyard, drop down in the crystal clear water of your hot tub, and have a deep tissue massage anytime you’d like?

And that's only the beginning of how a hot tub can help you!

This article will discuss the most common hot tub benefits and their impact on your health and lifestyle.

10 Powerful Hot Tub Benefits

Hot tubs can positively impact your health, both physically and mentally.

From pain relief to sleeping better, home spas have made it easy to elevate your lifestyle in the most relaxing way possible.

While the benefits of daily hot tub use are extensive, there are ten that are most commonly experienced, and they’re life-changing!

1. Improved Sleep

When you spend the evening relaxing under the steamy water of your hot tub, your body temperature slowly rises.

Once you get out of the water and the air begins cooling down your body, your brain naturally signals that it’s time for sleep.

This will help you fall asleep much faster than usual.

If you’re a person that struggles to stay asleep and often wakes up in the morning feeling exhausted after counting each hour of the night, hot tubs can help you get a more restful sleep with fewer interruptions.

In fact, one study found that women who suffered from insomnia fell asleep faster and had fewer interruptions throughout the night simply by bathing in warm water before bed.

When you pair the effects of hydrotherapy with a gentle massage from precision jets, you can experience a much deeper sleep than usual.

The jets and heat will help release the tension in your muscles, allowing them to release. This reduces their demands on your energy stores throughout the night and helps your body fully rest as it recovers more effectively.

2. Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on the body if left unmanaged for too long, significantly reducing the quality of your life.

Creating a personal space to escape the outside world can positively affect your mental health and can help provide an added feeling of safety when needed.

Spending as little as 30 minutes a day in your hot tub can combat daily stressors and release the tension it’s been causing in your body. This can help minimize their adverse health effects.

As for reducing anxiety, submerging yourself in water provides a gentle compression around your entire body, much like a warm hug. This helps release feel-good endorphins that can calm your system and bring feelings of comfort and relaxation.

This compression is often experienced with weighted blankets; however, in a hot tub, it’s amplified by incorporating heat and massage into the experience.

Pro tip: Include some hot tub-safe aromatherapy products to elevate your stress relief even further!

3. Better Circulation

As you relax under the warm water, your blood vessels will expand, making it easier for your blood to move through your body.

This will help oxygenate your system more effectively and will allow the blood to move to the muscles that require it the most.

Expanding your blood vessels also reduces the work your heart needs to do to pump your blood throughout your body, reducing the strain it’s usually under.

4. Less Inflammation

Our joints are under constant stress as they provide the support our bodies need to perform our daily tasks.

Your body weight will settle in your lower back, hips, knees, and ankles, compacting the joints, which can lead to inflammation.

When you submerge your body underwater, you can reduce the weight your joints are under, allowing them to rest, recover and move more freely.

The buoyancy of the water in a hot tub can reduce that pressure and give your joints time to return to their natural state. Meanwhile, the increased blood flow in your body can aid in their recovery.

This weightlessness of the body is also amplified when you use the jets. The water flow can slightly lift your body off the seat, leaving it floating and reducing any pressure even further.

This sudden lack of compression on your joints helps reduce the inflammation in your body and, when used regularly, can help combat it long-term.

5. Pain Relief

Hot tubs promote pain relief in various areas, including headache relief, back pain relief, and even reduced pain experienced in those who suffer from fibromyalgia.

Hot tubs can naturally provide substantial pain relief through the combination of heat, massage, buoyancy, and gentle compression. They have become a popular addition to many pain management routines for chronic pain patients.

When using a hot tub, you’re helping your body release tight muscles by warming them, inducing a more relaxed state.

Additionally, you are also promoting better oxygenation throughout your body, which is often a hidden culprit of aches and pains.

Pair that with a precision massage from the jets, and you have a powerful at-home treatment method to release your muscle tension, manage chronic headaches, and live a more fulfilling life free of recurring pain.

6. Weight-loss

While it may seem odd that you could lose weight simply by spending time in a hot tub, it’s true!

The heat of the hot tub will increase your body temperature and will cause your heart to beat faster for a period of time. This temperature fluctuation makes your body work harder as it attempts to return to its normal resting state, which burns calories.

Additionally, as the jets massage your muscles, they stimulate your lymphatic system, which is responsible for moving fluids through your body and flushing out toxins.

The lymphatic system is only stimulated through movement. This makes hot tub use an ideal option for people with a more sedentary lifestyle, offering substantial support to their internal systems.

7. Faster Recovery

Heat and massage have been shown to positively affect the body's healing in multiple ways. This can be seen by the popularity of hot tubs, saunas, and hydromassage chairs being included in gyms across the country.

Heat increases circulation, which is an important aspect of recovery. It supports better oxygenation of the body and helps with muscle repair through increased blood flow.

Additionally, hydromassage stimulates the muscles through massage supporting the body's release of the lactic acid that builds up in the body during intense exercise.

Lastly, the heat of the water helps ease muscle stiffness, releasing the tension they experience after a workout. This leaves you less stiff and sore the next day, letting you get back to the gym for a quality workout faster!

8. Lower Blood Pressure

The effects warm water has on the body have been the focus of many studies over the years.

One that was completed in 2016 found that participants who bathed in warm water for extended periods of time experienced a drop in blood pressure.

They also discovered participants had positive changes in their cardiovascular health as well!

Essentially, this means when you spend time in a hot tub, your body experiences a reduction in bodily stress and your heart rate rises, making it stronger over time simply by relaxing in a hot tub!

9. Increased Range of Motion

Changes to your range of motion can be caused by various things, such as injury, age, or overly tight muscles.

As previously mentioned, hot tubs help release the tension in your body, relaxing muscles that have been flexed and tightened for extended periods of time.

This release helps increase your range of motion by allowing you to move your body more naturally, free from the tension causing your range to be shortened.

To maximize this benefit, include some gentle stretching while you’re in your hot tub. The warm water will make stretching more effective and provide the optimal environment for muscle rehabilitation.

10. Relaxation!

Our world is busier than ever, with each day bombarding us with seemingly endless stressors and stimulation.

It’s essential that you find ways to include relaxation in your daily routine, and a hot tub can be a powerful tool to do so.

Embrace the effects of hydrotherapy to enhance your relaxation and support your overall well-being.

Create your dream escape to help you release all the stress from a long day while disconnecting from the world.

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