Mike & I have great appreciation for Karl’s abilities and dedication to service and customer satisfaction. Thank you!

‐ B. Harcourt

Purchased our tub in 1999. With tlc and the help of vintage hot tubs still going strong.

‐ Craig Holyhead

As a drilling and blasting contractor in the Victoria area for the past ten years, I have had the opportunity to be a part of many exciting projects, namely the Bear Mountain Golf and Country Club development in Langford.

The drilling and blasting industry proves to be a very physically and mentally strenuous profession thus, resulting in many muscular aches and pains. Having hydrotherapy recommended to me by my heath care provider, I went on the search for a quality spa.

I spent an afternoon “test dipping” in several spa dealerships in Victoria. The Sundance, Cameo Spa from Vintage Hot Tubs was the spa of choice. The power of these jets by far, surpassed any other that I tested. The powerful pulsating jets sold me as soon as I turned them on.

I would recommend Sundance to anyone looking for the best spa available.

‐ Derrick

I know you’ve been asking me for about 10 years to consider buying a new Sundance spa from you, you’ll have to wait one more year, at least.

My current Sundance spa still works perfectly as always, I use it every single day. Morning coffee and look at the mountains, every day, Then the kids many afternoons. It’s part of the family:

The only repair, a new heating coil because I forgot to turn off the power when I drained it once a few years ago, an ozonator about 7 years ago which has made keeping the chemicals correct effortlessly. And two new lids after thousands of days sitting in the open outside on the deck.

Dollar for dollar it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made on any purchase. I’m going for a tub right now. Have a great day and I highly recommend Sundance Spas.

As you know, in my business I see every type on the market.

‐ Doug

I have been meaning to send this letter for some time and am finally getting around to it. We purchased one of your reconditioned hot tubs and have been very happy with its performance and your service. The reason I am writing this letter though is to thank you for your honesty and lack of “schmoozing” when we were first interested in buying a tub. We were very naive with the intricacies of hot tubs and appreciated your patience. What probably struck us the most was your price quote. When we approached your competition at various home shows we were overwhelmed with the bell and whistles and the “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” sales approach (bigger, better, faster, and stronger!). Your competition initially started out at a very inflated price which decreased as we showed less interest in their product. In one case we started out at a twelve thousand dollar “show price” pool and by the time we left were offered the same pool with lots of other toys for eighty five hundred This leads one to question the actual value of the pooL I would have been furious if I had paid their initial inflated prices. While the Sundance pool we bought was not cheap it was considered a “standard” by what many of the other pools were measured against Thank you for our ethical and humane treatment in our purchase. Please feel free to share our experience with any of your other clients.

‐ Dr. Rick

My husband and I want to let Vintage Hot Tubs know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company recently provided to us back in Apr-May 09. It has been a couple of months now and the tub is working fine. We sincerely appreciated your responsiveness to fixing the electrical board and ozonator problem. Please extend our compliments to your staff, and technical staff specifically Karl, for his labor and expertise.

It was a very pleasant experience dealing with Vintage Hot Tubs. We were very satisfied with the service we received from the point of the problem identification to the end result of fixing/replacing of parts. It is nice to see that your business uses a positive approach in dealing with customer service issues. We have not been as fortunate with some other businesses on the Island, seems so rare nowadays. Therefore, we want to send this letter to let you Vintage Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi know that we were very pleased with the quality of service you provided to us. Not only was service provided in a timely manner but we were also relieved that our concerns were addressed about the existing water in the tub being left untreated even for a very short time would not cause further problems or inconveniences.

We are happy about the friendly relationship we have with Vintage Hot Tubs knowing that we can depend on you if needed. We would gladly recommend your business to others.

‐ Gordon and Tanis

We have thoroughly ENJOYED our new Jacuzzi Hot Tub this winter/spring for both therapeutic/relaxation. The clear ray ultra violet treatment system has decreased the amount of solution used in keeping our hot tub water crystal clear/clean. An important feature for us. The jets are positioned perfectly to massage our tight/sore muscles. Each seat in our Jacuzzi Hot Tub is uniquely designed to address individual/multiple areas of the body. The water fall and radio/speakers ultimately enhance the experience.
We LOVE our Jacuzzi Hot tub and look forward to the end of the day to relax/connect/rejuvenate.
Thank you Vintage Hot Tubs for your guidance/expertise in helping us find the perfect Hot Hub. You have been professional/accommodating at all times.

‐ Janet and Pieter Bol

Service department that know what they're doing and to the point without trying to sell you what you don't need, Kind knowledgeable staff at both locations. Would definitely recommend this place, I was hesitant at first despite negative reviews.

‐ Karl Costello

Awesome place! The staff was super helpful and really went extra to make sure I was happy. Would highly recommend this place!

‐ Morgan Goodridge

As spring settles in here in Victoria, Bec and I felt it was time to offer up a note of appreciation for the quality and effectiveness that we have found in the MARIN since it was delivered last summer. We can truly say we have given the tub a solid test drive, and that we are thoroughly impressed with our purchase.

That the tub eases away the aches and pains of life at near-50 and delivers on some of the soundest sleep I can think of all speak to the value of a therapy tub. As you know however, Bec had been diagnosed with relapsing/remitting Multiple Sclerosis, with the original medical assessment dating back to 1999. On the advice of a number of practitioners, including my wife’s doctor, her MS nurse and physio-therapist, we chose to seek out a high quality tub as a means of mitigating a number of the effects of the disease. The goal was to improve circulation, digestion and motility; to reduce pain and tissue edema; and most importantly to enhance endurance, range of motion and mobility. All have seen some success, improving quality of life significantly. Most remarkably, her mobility has been enhanced quite measurably. While she must still use her walker on a fairly regular basis, she has rarely needed use of her wheelchair this past year, a significant improvement over the previous twelve months.

All to say thank you for the help and advice in making this purchase a possibility. The quality of the product is matched by the energy that you, John and the rest of the staff put into the process.

‐ Roger & Rebecca

Friendly, kind new staff... had a service appointment and it was a great experience. Technicians were very kind and punctual. Would totally call back for future service.

‐ Scott Kennedy

The oldest hot tub shop in victoria for a reason! Awesome service.

‐ William Allen


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