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Northern Lights Package in Victoria and Langford, BC

Northern Lights Package™

Have you ever seen the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights? If you have, it’s a memory you will never forget. It’s breathtaking to watch the Aurora's light trails transition color as they gracefully dance across the silence of the night sky. When you order the Northern Light Package™ (NLP) on a Nordic Hot Tub, you will be able to experience the colors of the Aurora while relaxing in the comfort of your hot tub. Our NLP™ LED lights gently transition through all the colors found in the Aurora. The Northern Light Package™ is available in the D’Amour, Stella, Retreat, Escape, Jubilee, Encore and Rendezvous models. NLP™ is an optional upgrade in the “All In” 110V and Modern Series but comes standard in the Sports Edition and Luxury Series.

Mood Lighting Package in Victoria and Langford, BC

Mood Lighting Package™

Order the Mood Lighting Package™ (MLP) on our round Nordic Hot Tubs, to experience the gorgeous colors dancing in the water while relaxing in the comfort of your hot tub. The Mood Lighting Package™ is available as an option in all our Classic Round and All-In-110 Series models.
Nordic Hot Tubs Jets in Victoria and Langford, BC

LED Nordic Star™ Jets

LED lighted Nordic Star™ jets and a sidewall or footwell light (depending on the model) create a beautiful glow from within the water.

Nordic Cascade™ Waterfall

Our LED lighted Nordic Cascade™ Waterfall also transitions in color while creating the relaxing sound of gently cascading water.
Nordic Hot Tubs Ozone Systems in Victoria, BC

Ozone Systems

An ozonator helps sanitize hot tub water by destroying bacteria and viruses that may be present in the water. It also helps break down biodegradable materials to help keep the water pure, clear and with that "feel good" quality.

Our Nordic PURE™ is a combination of ozone (O3) and UV-C technologies. This 3-step process has more sanitizing power, less hassle, and significantly reduces residual chlorine consumption to deliver the most advanced sanitation potential available.

Our Nordic Clean™ is an electronic corona discharge ozonator. It converts oxygen to ozone, is more energy efficient than UV ozone generators and is lower in overall power consumption, heat generation and operating cost.

2018 Sconce Blue 0768 SQ

Sconce Lighting

LED sconce lights on the corners of the tub add an ethereal glow around your tub at night, lighting the way and setting the mood all around your tub.

LED Footwell Lights

Create a beautiful, transitioning glow from within the water. Choose to have them gently cycle through the colors of the aurora or set them to your favorite color. The refraction and reflection of the lights and the water at night will dance in and around your hot tub to make it a nighttime paradise.
Nordic Insulation

Nordic Wrap™

We insulate all Nordic Hot Tubs with a rigid, closed cell, 2 pound density foam which is sprayed to a 3 to 4 inch thickness onto the exterior of the hot tub shell. This helps hold your hot tub temperature beautifully throughout the year in most of the country. Nordic Wrap™ is standard in our All-In-110V Series hot tubs but is an add-on option for our Luxury, Sport Edition, Modern and Classic Series hot tubs. If you live in a colder climate, Nordic Wrap™ provides an additional layer of insulation to help protect your hot tub from the rigors of the low temps.

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