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Hot Tub Accessories in Victoria Langford, BC

Color Matched Accessories

Our Steps and Shelves are color matched to blend perfectly with the color and configuration of your hot tub cabinet. Our matching steps and shelves are available to order for all Nordic Hot Tub models.

Order matching steps for your hot tub for easier and safer entering and exiting your tub. Our steps are made from the same PermaWood™ or Natural Cedar material as your hot tub cabinet. Sturdy and durable, they blend with your cabinet to complete the look for both curved and straight sided hot tubs.

Hot Tub Shelves in Victoria and Langford, BC

Hot Tub Shelves

Order a matching shelf for added convenience during your hot tub sessions. Keep towels, drinks or other necessities conveniently within reach while you are enjoying Nordic's DTS™ hot water therapy. Our shelves are made from the same material as your hot tub cabinet so they blend seamlessly with both curved and straight sided hot tubs.

Hot Tub Audio in Victoria and Langford, BC

Our in.stream2

Everyone has a soundtrack of their life. Whether it's your theme song, your motivator, your break-up song or just your favourite song, music takes you in and makes the moment! Now you can stream your favourites with our in.stream2 Bluetooth Enabled stereo system! You'll love the ability to relax in your hot tub, surround yourself with Nordic's DTS™ and your favorite tunes! Available as an add-on option in our Luxury Series, Sport Edition, Classic Series and Modern Series models with the exception of the Bella MS.

System Specifications
✓ in.stream2
✓ Bluetooth Enabled
✓ (2) 3.5" speakers in round tubs
✓ (2) 7" speakers in square tubs
✓ 50 watts max/ 25 watts rms

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