The Secret to Maintaining a Crystal-Clear Swim Spa

Outdoor swim spa installation.

On a hot summer day, there is nothing quite like jumping into your very own crystal-clear backyard swim spa. But anyone who has ever owned a spa knows that keeping their water clean requires regular maintenance - neglecting regular upkeep can turn water murky in no time.

Luckily, our team of experts at Vintage Hot Tubs have several simple steps you can take to keep your water crystal clear all summer long!

The Importance of Clear Spa Water

Every backyard spa owner wants clear water - who doesn’t? But did you know that failing to keep your water clear can result in some pretty nasty consequences such as:

  • Damage to Equipment
  • Increased Presence of Bacteria
  • Water Can Irritate Skin
  • Drowning Hazard

While you might not think an occasional day or two of cloudy water is bad, it may still be damaging your equipment. At a minimum, cloudy water will clog the filter, causing the pump to work harder and possibly burn out.

The Secret to Maintaining a Healthy Swim Spa

If you want healthy swim spa water, the number one most important thing you can do is to set a schedule and stick to it. Even the most diligent spa owners can get sidetracked in the summer if they don’t keep to a schedule.

Swim spa maintenance is not difficult and doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Set reminders for cleaning, such as vacuuming, skimming, testing, and brushing. Make part of your wake-up ritual checking the chemical composition in your spa, set reminders on your phone, or put a maintenance calendar on the fridge.

Providing frequent maintenance will actually save you time in the long run. For instance, if you only vacuum your spa every several weeks, it will take much longer than if you do it once a week. There will be less debris to vacuum, and your filter and pump will operate more efficiently.

How to Keep Spa Water Crystal Clear

Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to maintain perfectly clear swim spa water all year. Remember, regularly scheduled maintenance is critical. Create a plan to follow these steps for making your pool ultra-healthy.

1. Check Chemical Levels Regularly 

Check the chemical levels in your swim spa at least twice a week - or more. Keeping proper pH and chlorine levels is critical to having clear water. If your pH gets too high or low, the effectiveness of the chlorine decreases tremendously. This not only can mean murky water but can also endanger swimmers.

2. Test and Treat Spa Water Weekly 

Beyond managing the chemical levels of your spa, it is important to shock your water every week. Shock is simply a high dosage of chlorine that removes residual bacteria and algae. It kills anything your daily chemicals may have missed and will ensure clear water all summer long.

The amount you shock your swim spa can depend on the product you buy and the size of your spa. Make sure to read the product directions carefully before using. Never dump shock directly into the water. It can settle on the bottom and even damage the interior. Dissolve chemicals in a bucket of water first before using.

3. Skim Daily 

If you can’t skim the water every day, do it as often as possible. This 5-minute task can save you tons of time down the road. Debris that falls from trees, such as pine needles, can affect the chemical makeup tremendously, especially if it sits in the water for a period of time. Removing it promptly will ensure debris doesn’t cloud your spa water.

4. Vacuum the Spa Weekly 

Vacuum your swim spa every week. Many homeowners neglect to vacuum because it can be a tedious job. However, regular vacuuming keeps debris out of the water. Less junk in your spa means clearer water. If you wait too long to vacuum, it will take much, much longer. Do it in the morning to avoid the afternoon sun!

Make sure your vacuum hose is fully filled with water before connecting it to the vacuum or skimmer port in your swim spa. Otherwise, you risk getting air in your pump, which will force you to stop the pump, prime, and start over again.

5. Brush Every Week 

Brush every part of your spa weekly. That includes steps, ladders, and any other part of the swim spa underwater. You may have algae growing, or beginning to grow, and still not see it. Algae will cloud your water in a hurry, but brushing keeps algae from getting a foothold in your swim spa.

Signs Your Spa Water Needs Attention

There are several signs you should pay attention to that can warn you that your swim spa water may need some help in order to keep it healthy and clear, such as:

  • Large amounts of precipitation
  • A recent influx of people in the spa
  • Surfaces feel slippery or grimy
  • Water is becoming tinted

It is good practice to always shock your spa after you’ve had many guests or after heavy rain. Many bodies or lots of rain will change the chemistry of the water, introducing more bacteria that can alter the pH. This, in turn, will render chlorine less effective. Adding pH plus or minus, and then shock, will bring your swim spa water back to normal.

Swim Spa Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Beyond giving your swim spa the regular maintenance required to keep your water clear and healthy, there are several easy tips you can follow in order to avoid water quality problems.

Monitor Water Levels

If you have too much water in your spa, your skimmer may not work properly. The skimmer should be, at maximum, halfway full of water. This allows the skimmer to remove as much debris as possible.

Test Regularly

The more you know, the further you will go! To ensure that the water in your swim spa is clean, clear and enjoyable 24/7, it's important that you regularly test it. This will help you to keep an eye on the health of the water and avoid potential issues.

Hire a Service Professional

Still not sure about the maintenance your swim spa requires? Hire professional service and instantly watch your stress melt away, as the maintenance and cleaning company ensures your water is crystal clear all year long. While it may be an extra cost, it can save you time and money in the long run if you plan on being away from your swim spa for extended times during swim season.

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